Clear-ad - Lhf-s100 - Acrylic Trifold Brochure Holder - Pamphlet Display Stand (single Pack)

Great Product For Any Business Whether you are in the business of selling food, medicine, household goods or providing services to people, whether you are an entertainer or a funeral director, everyone needs to provide information to the prospective clients to create business. We help our clients create their business with our range of Office Products, especially display and dissemination of promotional material. Our range of products include an whole variety of acrylic display stands. This listing is for a Slim Trifold Brochure Holder in clear acrylic. The stand is created with extreme precision to hold tri fold brochures or flyers printed on standard letter size paper. Ideal Size For Optimum Use The stand is ideal size to keep on a counter top, table or a desk in an area where people will be able to grab one as they go. Each stand is large enough to hold about 75 pamphlets at a time, which means you will not have to replenish it several times a day. The Slanted design gives greater stability to the display stand and also keeps the brochures from falling down. Clear-Ad uses only premium non-toxic and eco-friendly raw material to create their range of products. So what you get in your hands is a superior product with excellent build quality which will last you for years to come. Do not hesitate now. Get the information about your enterprise to the right customer fast buy Trifold Clear Acrylic Brochure stand.

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