Jack Cube Carbon Fiber Business Card Organizer Coupon Holder Name Card Organizer Name Card Holder With Removable Divider For Desk(4.29 X 1.76 X 9.75 Inches)-mk171

Do you have many business cards? So if you feel too mess with these, then you don't need to be bothered to manage many cards what you have. This is Jack Cube business card organizer/ holder. It's an attractive business card storage box with expandable design. If you have it, you can organize and manage business cards very easily. So you can find cards very easily and quickly. It has alphabet tabs for easy organization. Dividers are with protected tabs from A to Z. This prop use high quality carbon fiber synthetic leather. And this Jack Cube business card organizer/holder has 3 sponges behind the tabs so it can hold business cards very attractively and hardly. This is for 2 x 3.5" card size. Item dimension: 1.76"H X 4.29"W X 9.75"D

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